Peach Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Published on July 18th 2022 by Chigoziri Nwachuku.
Last updated on March 20th 2024
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Front View of Peach Blueberry Smoothie

Are you looking for an excellent, refreshing way to start your day? This Peach Blueberry Smoothie is sure to brighten your day! This Peach Blueberry Smoothie is so easy to make. You need five ingredients: blueberries, peaches, almond milk, bananas, and ice cubes. Yes, that's it!

The blueberries, peaches, and bananas provide natural sweetness and nutrients like fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Also, it contains no yogurt. That's because we used almond milk as the base. So this smoothie is dairy-free. Just put all your ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth.

Now that you know how to make this recipe, there's no reason why you need to skip breakfast - and have chocolate bars at your desk instead.


Is a blueberry smoothie good for you?

Absolutely! This blueberry smoothie is packed with blueberries, which provide fiber, manganese, vitamins C and K, and antioxidants. And don't forget about the peaches and bananas. Peaches provide fiber, and immune-boosting vitamins C and A, while bananas offer fiber, potassium, copper, and vitamin C. Finally, almond milk is rich in vitamin E, which promotes healthy skin. So drink up that smoothie!

Do smoothies make you gain weight?

Smoothies can make you gain weight if they're high in calories. Also, if your smoothie is low in fiber and protein, it will be less filling, leading you to eat more food, thus consuming more calories and weight gain.

Can you drink a blueberry smoothie everyday?

Yes, you can - as long as the ingredients are health-promoting rather than detrimental. For instance, you won't want to have a blueberry smoothie daily if it's packed with sugar. Many store-bought smoothies are packed with syrup to make them taste better. Our blueberry smoothie is naturally sweetened with bananas, and we used unsweetened almond milk as the base.

What will happen if I only drink smoothies for a week?

If you only drink smoothies for a week, your diet may be missing essential nutrients like protein and healthy fats, depending on the composition of your smoothies. If you want to drink just smoothies for a week, it's best to consult with a registered dietitian.

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Time & Serves

Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
0 mins
Total Time
5 mins
1 person.


  • 1/2 cup Blueberries

  • 1 medium Peach, roughly chopped

  • 1 medium Banana, thinly sliced 

  • 3/4 cup Almond Milk

  • 1/2 cup Ice Cubes

  • Fresh Mint for garnish (Optional)


Put all the ingredients (except the fresh mint) in a blender. Blend until smooth.

Pour the smoothie into a small glass cup. Garnish with fresh mint leaves. Feel free to add a flexible straw or umbrella straw.

Chigoziri Nwachuku

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