The Genesis of a Recipe

At the heart of Classic Bakes is a melting pot of ideas, each sparked by a blend of creativity, seasonal trends, and community interaction. Our recipe journey begins with exhaustive research, scouring food blogs, social media, and leveraging SEO tools to predict what you, our readers, crave next.

From the cherished traditional recipes held dear by our writers to innovative culinary twists that redefine cooking, we're always on the hunt for the next delicious discovery.

And yes, we're listening - your comments and suggestions on our website and across social media platforms like Reddit often become the seeds of our next great recipe.

From Idea to Paper

Once a recipe idea has germinated, it's handed over to our expert writers, each a maestro in their culinary domain. Drawing from a wealth of experience, subscriptions to culinary literature, and a sprinkle of personal flair, our writers embark on crafting the recipe narrative.

They delve into their own kitchens or consult with culinary peers to ensure every dish is not just theoretically sound but kitchen-tested. In their capable hands, a recipe is more than instructions; it's a gateway to healthier choices, culinary tips, and answers to those burning kitchen queries.

Testing and Peer Review

Enter Meriam and Apol (profile links coming soon), our dedicated recipe testers, who bring the written word to life in the kitchen.

Here, recipes face the ultimate test, undergoing rigorous trials to ensure accuracy, taste, and presentation. It's a stage where minor adjustments can make or break a dish, demanding not just culinary skill but a keen eye for detail.

Once perfected, the recipe embarks on another crucial phase: peer review. Another writer steps in, bringing fresh eyes and taste buds to the table, ensuring that every recipe meets our high standards of quality and deliciousness.

The Final Leap: Publishing and Social Media Engagement

With the green light from our peer review, the recipe reaches Karla Tejon, our Registered Dietician and publishing gatekeeper. Here, it undergoes a final series of checks - nutritional accuracy, grammar, and coherence - before it makes its grand debut on our website.

But our journey doesn't end with publication. The recipe takes on a new life on Pinterest and YouTube, where engaging pins and videos await to entice and guide our community further.

The Symphony of Collaboration

None of this would be possible without our globally distributed team, united by a shared passion and a robust internal workflow facilitated by tools like Jira and Slack.

From the SEO mavens who guide our recipe selection to the Project Manager, Developers, and Social Media gurus who ensure our platform remains vibrant and engaging, every team member plays a vital role in the symphony that is Classic Bakes.

The Orchestra Behind the Flavors: Roles and Responsibilities

Creating a recipe that makes its way to your kitchen is a team effort that involves more than just cooks and writers. It's a multifaceted process supported by a diverse team, each member playing a critical role in the journey from concept to your kitchen.

View a full listing of our team members here.

Here's a look at the ensemble behind Classic Bakes:

  • SEO Specialists: The maestros of idea generation, these team members use their expertise in search engine optimization to identify trends and insights that guide our recipe selection. Their work ensures we're always in tune with what you're searching for.
  • Project Manager: The conductor of our operation, ensuring every recipe progresses smoothly through each stage. This person tackles technical hitches and keeps the team in harmony, coordinating efforts across time zones with precision.
  • Expert Writers: Our culinary virtuosos, each with their own area of expertise, whether it's baking, grilling, or crafting the perfect pasta. Drawing from vast experience and a passion for food, they bring each recipe to life with a blend of creativity and culinary wisdom.
  • Recipe Testers: The diligent taste-testers and adjusters, turning written recipes into actual dishes to ensure they're both delicious and doable. Their feedback is crucial in fine-tuning the details, from ingredient ratios to cooking times.
  • Peer Reviewers: The critical second pair of eyes, another writer reviews the tested recipe to ensure clarity, accuracy, and appeal. This step is pivotal in maintaining the high quality our readers expect.
  • Publisher: The final checkpoint, focusing on nutritional accuracy, grammar, and coherence, ensuring each recipe is ready for its debut. Karla (our Registered Dietician) adds a layer of trust that our recipes are not just tasty but also nutritionally sound.
  • Social Media Manager: The voices behind our socia media presence, creating engaging content that extends the reach of our recipes. They bring the visual and communal aspects of our recipes to life, encouraging interaction and feedback.
  • Technical Team: The backbone of our online presence, ensuring the website is fast, user-friendly, and secure. They implement new features, maintain the platform's stability, and ensure that your experience on our site is seamless.
  • Designer: The artists who bring visual appeal to our website and social media, ensuring that our content is not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Engagement Manager: The bridge between our team and the community, gathering feedback post-publication to refine and improve our future recipes. This role embodies our commitment to responsive, community-driven content creation.

This ensemble of dedicated individuals works in concert to bring you recipes that are not only innovative and delicious but also trustworthy and reliable.

By showcasing the variety of roles within our team, we hope to illuminate the depth of expertise and care that goes into every recipe we publish.

It's a testament to our commitment to delivering content that enriches your culinary experience, ensuring that when you choose to cook with Classic Bakes, you're not just following a recipe; you're part of a community that values quality, innovation, and shared culinary joy.

A Culinary Invitation

As you marvel at the journey from inception to publication, remember: each recipe is a bridge between us. We've poured our expertise, creativity, and care into every step, ensuring that what reaches you is nothing short of extraordinary. But this journey isn't just ours to travel; it's a path we walk together with you, our cherished reader.

We invite you to dive into our recipes, armed with the knowledge of the dedication behind each one. Share your experiences, provide feedback, and perhaps, suggest what you'd like to see next. Together, let's continue to explore the boundless world of culinary delights, one meticulously crafted recipe at a time.

In this shared space of creativity and passion for food, we're more than just a website; we're a community. And every recipe we share is a testament to our commitment to quality, to health, and to you.

Join us on this delicious journey, where every bite tells the story of dedication, expertise, and the love of food that binds us all. Welcome to Classic Bakes, where every recipe is an adventure, meticulously crafted, just for you.

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