How to make Puff Pastry

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Who doesn't love a good puff pastry filled with your favorite sweet or savory filling? But have you ever wondered how bakers make the pastry flaky and buttery at the same time? Well, this recipe will give you all pro-tips and tricks that go into making Puff Pastry. It begins with a simple 4 ingredient dough of flour, margarine, salt, and water. Then the dough is sandwiched between alternating layers of dough and margarine in what looks like the folded pages of a book. This process is called lamination, which gives Puff Pastry its iconic crispy, flaky layers of buttery goodness. This recipe will provide you with the confidence to make puff pastry like a pro, and once you have mastered that you, can then move on to our Custard Cone Recipe. Happy Baking!

Author: Narandradath Jaikaran
Average: 5 (7 votes)
Prep Time
180 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
185 mins
16 pieces



Mixing and preparing Dough
Sift all dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt) and add to a mixer bowl fitted with a paddle.
Start the mixer on slow speed, and after 2 minutes, add cake margarine.
After 2 minutes running at slow speed, add water running for another 3 minutes.
Switch to fast speed and fully develop dough until it is silky looking and pliable (about 5 to 7 minutes).
Move to a lightly floured table and fully relax (about 30 minutes) keeping the dough covered with plastic.
Using a rolling pin, roll dough out to a large rectangular shape about 8 mm thick.
On parchment, spread out pastry margarine to cover 2/3 of the dough.
Now cover the 2/3 dough (starting on the right edge) with pastry margarine and press tightly to the dough.
Fold the uncovered 1/3 dough over the pastry margarine.
Bring the remaining dough over the first fold to form a three-layer dough and two layers of pastry margarine.
Cover in plastic and place in a cool environment. If the place is too hot, use a refrigerator. Rest for 20 minutes.
Lamination Process
The pastry must now be given three-book folds to create the number of layers of margarine and dough.
Place dough on a lightly floured table, the same position as before, and roll out dough to a rectangle 8 mm thick.
Bring both left and right sides to meet at the center. Fold right half over the left half. Note the top by marking it and relax again for 20 minutes.
Place on a lightly floured table as before. Now rotate the dough, bringing the top edge to face you. Flip over laterally.
Repeat the folding and resting process two more times as before.
Puff pastry is now ready for use. The puff pastry can be sealed completely and refrigerated or used right away. 

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