Frozen Onion Rings in Air Fryer

Published Date
February 1st 2022
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Air fried onion rings with ketchup on the side
Close up of air fried onion rings
Air fried onion rings

Sometimes, you want to skip the health food - and indulge in some junk food. But doing this doesn't mean ditching your diet - and these Air Fryer Onion Rings prove just that. They take just 4 minutes to make, so they're quite convenient. And you're air-frying them instead of deep-frying them. So you get all the crispness of frying, without all the grease and calories. So you can actually enjoy your onion rings. Serve with ketchup, Sriracha mayo, or your favorite dipping sauce.

How long should I cook frozen onion rings in my air fryer?

Using a standard air fryer it takes approximately 4 minutes to cook onion rings in the air fryer 

How do you heat frozen onion rings in an air fryer?

Start by adding the onion rings in a single layer in the fryer basket, set the time & temperature and flip the onion rings halfway through cooking.  

How do you make onion rings crispy in air fryer?

By keeping a single layer of onion rings in the basket and flipping the onion rings halfway through cooking will make your onion rings crispy & crunchy. 

Why soak onions in ice water before making onion rings?

You can soak the raw slices of onions in ice water to remove the strong flavors from the onions making them less harsh and more on the sweet side. 

Equipment Needed

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Author: Chigoziri Nwachuku
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Prep Time
1 mins
Cook Time
4 mins
Total Time
5 mins
2 persons


Dippin Sauce (optional)


Preheat air fryer to 350 °F.

Air fryer being set to 350F

Put frozen onion rings into air fryer basket, stacking if necessary.

Onion rings being added to an air fryer basket

Air fry for 4 minutes, shaking halfway through.

Onion rings being turned in the air fryer basket

Remove from air fryer. Serve with your ketchup, Sriracha mayo or your favorite dipping sauce.

Onion rings on a plate with ketchup on the side
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