How to make Parched Corn

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5 mins
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10 mins
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15 mins
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We are all familiar with roasted, grilled, boiled, steamed and popped corn but have you ever had parched corn? Parched corn or Corn nuts are a snack that uses dried corn kernels and toasts them in a pan until they are puffed up and golden brown. These kernels come from corn that’s been dried on the cob, removed and then used for parching. While popping corn is a specific variety of Zae mays that pops open when cooked to give us the iconic white fluffy snack treat. Some of the most flavorful varieties of corn for parching are Hot Pink, Parching Lavender Mandan, Parching Red Mandan, Hopi Chinmark, Aztec Red, Supal Red, Parching Black Cherry Parching Magenta Parched corn can be made sweet or salty and is eaten like nuts or seeds. This recipe will show you how to make Parched Corn to add to your home snack collection.

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  1. Using a cast iron pan or deep large skillet and evenly coat the inside of the pan with some of the oil then place on medium heat. The oil should only be a coating for the pan, NOT for submerging the corn in oil.
  2. Once the pan is hot add the dried corn to the pan in a single layer with all the pieces laying on the bottom evenly not on top of another.
  3. Scatter some salt over the corn and let the corn toast until they start to pop or jump in the pan, then gently toss and stir the corn every minute. You can cover the pan to prevent the corn from jumping out; make sure you are stirring more often as the cover will create more heat.
  4. The corn parches should begin to inflate and turn golden brown if they are starting to burn; remove from the heat for a few minutes, then return it to the heat at a lower temperature.
  5. Parch the corn for 5-10 minutes, but when they are all turning golden, remove one kernel and test to see if it’s puffed and soft but crunchy, then it’s ready.
  6. Once the corn is ready, you can season or sweeten the corn by mixing it into the corn while still in the pan, then remove it from the heat and allow it to cool.
  7. Remove the cooled parched corn from the pan and place it in a jar, bottle, or any airtight container. Keep in the pantry to avoid moisture.
  8. Serve as you would nuts, seeds, or popped corn as a snack or use in homemade trail mix and enjoy.

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