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Total cost incurred today: TT$2250.

The following is a summary of our production and activities for Friday April 10th 2020. 

We produced 110 bags of hops bread and 100 hot cross buns. The total cost incurred was TT$2250. Please note, costs will include ingredients and other fixed costs such as gas, electricity, packaging, sanitation etc.

An expanded array of people helped in the distribution which are (but not limited to):

  • St. Madeleine Police Station
  • Step Up and Reach Out Charity Group (Claxton Bay) - operated by Kenneth and Janice Nowelling
  • San Fernando West MP Office
  • Mr. Sean Sobers - San Fernando West Opposition Senator
  • JUMA Masjid Mucurapo Street, San Fernando

We would like to thank all those who helped us on our first day, including our staff Rita, Michelle and Leean.

We look forward to serving you next week.

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