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We at Classic Bakes Bakery are introducing a COVID19 food relief program. Around April 2nd 2020, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has officially closed all public restaurants. While this may be an effective strategy to fight against Covid19, it has made it more difficult for the poorer people to have access to food. Apart from this, the majority of people are financially struggling as we fight this pandemic.

We are volunteering our time and resources to provide as much bread as we can and have coordinated with local MPs, NGOs (like elderly homes), children, religious organisations and displaced persons, for delivery to different communities, especially for those in need. This is done free of charge, and everyone taking part are volunteers. We are hopeful that we can package more than just bread.

Initially, we plan to do this once a week (on Fridays) due to the costs. With your help, we can facilitate more days in the week and ramp up the production with the intention of producing more bread in 1 day or opening up more days in the week. With additional funds, we will introduce food hampers.

We estimate an average daily cost of approximately TTD$3000. This will allow us to produce approximately 150 bags of bread in 1 day. Please take into consideration that there are fixed costs to run an entire bakery for 1 day to produce only bread. Such costs are things like gas, electricity, oven maintenance, sanitizer masks etc.

Any amount that you can donate will be very much appreciated and will go a long way.

100% of the proceeds will go towards this initiative.

You can donate online at GoFundMe. GoFundMe uses Canadian currency. This is a limitation of their website not supporting TTD. You can donate with your credit card in any currency.

If you would like to support us by becoming a driver or any other way, you can contact us here.