Summary of activities for April 17th 2020

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Total cost incurred today: TT$3675

We at Classic Bakes Bakery are very grateful for our second successful Friday’s distribution of bread in our ongoing initiative to offer assistance to those among us who are experiencing hardship as a result of the Covid19 outbreak. We were also able to provide breakfast plates to some of our front line workers at San Fernando General Hospital.

Today we produced 125 quart of hops and 110 breakfast plates.

Where are your donations going?

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Firstly, we would like to thank each one of you who have offered to help, be it financial or otherwise. We would like to be as transparent as possible about where the donations are being spent.

Here is a summarized breakdown of where the money will directly go. Please note that these are cost prices and do not include a profit margin.


Summary of activities for April 10th 2020

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Total cost incurred today: TT$2250.

The following is a summary of our production and activities for Friday April 10th 2020. 

We produced 110 bags of hops bread and 100 hot cross buns. The total cost incurred was TT$2250. Please note, costs will include ingredients and other fixed costs such as gas, electricity, packaging, sanitation etc.

An expanded array of people helped in the distribution which are (but not limited to):

Covid19 Relief Initiative - Full Details

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We at Classic Bakes Bakery are introducing a COVID19 food relief program. Around April 2nd 2020, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has officially closed all public restaurants. While this may be an effective strategy to fight against Covid19, it has made it more difficult for the poorer people to have access to food. Apart from this, the majority of people are financially struggling as we fight this pandemic.