Bakery Recipes

How to make Trini Bake and Shark

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Trini Bake and shark is one of the popular must have foods of the twin isle Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Bake & Shark is a sandwich made of fried bread and fish topped with veggies and delicious condiments. It is commonly eaten at Maracas Bay where it can be bought at various food stalls near the beach front.

How to make Trinidad Barfi

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Trinidad Barfi is a local and traditional Indian sweet. Trini Barfi is typically made around the time of Diwali, Eid and prayer celebrations. For a twist you can add pistachio, cashew or berries to produce a variety of flavours.

How to make Trinidad Sada Roti

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Trinidad Sada Roti is a kind of flatbread that can be found in Trinidad and Tobago and eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner usually with a variety of vegetarian side dishes as well as meat dishes. It originated as a result of the Indian indentured labourers that were brought to Trinidad to work in the sugar plantations. Sada Roti is the Trini version of pita bread, naan and chapati. It is also made in other parts of the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Guyana and Suriname.

How to make Trinidad Sweet Bread

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Trinidad Sweet Bread is a rustic and coconut based bread loaded with dried fruits and spices. Trini Sweet Bread is typically made during the holidays such as Christmas and Easter. However, Trinidad Sweet Bread is sold and eaten year round for breakfast or as a quick snack. At Classic Bakes Bakery, the Trini Sweet Bread can be ordered online or purchased in store.

How to make Ezekiel Bread

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Ezekiel Bread is a flourless whole grain loaf made from sprouted whole grains. Ezekiel Bread is high in fiber and proteins which are great for your diet meal plan. The main benefit is the sprouting grains which unlocks vitamins and minerals such as Niacin (Vitamin B3), Manganese and Selenium.


  • It makes a great French Toast.
  • You can substitute the flour mill with a blender

How to Make Cream Cheese Pound Cake

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The traditional Pound Cake recipe originated from Britain and consisted of only 4 ingredients: butter, egg, flour and sugar. The name Pound Cake derives from the fact that all 4 ingredients weigh 1 pound each. This recipe is a modernized version of the original Pound cake. The Pound Cake is dense yet moist and has a rich and buttery flavour and can be draped with whipped cream, berries or ice cream.

How to Make Saltfish Accra

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Saltfish Accra is a pillowy salt cod fritters which is popular throughout the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados. It is the perfect finger food or as a quick street food snack to go. It is also easy to make from scratch as shown in our recipe below. We hope you enjoy it!

How to make Gluten Free Bread

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This is a homemade gluten free and vegan bread recipe. Gluten-free and vegan bread is dairy free, has a soft texture and slices very easily.