Strawberry Matcha Latte

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Legend has it that Matcha was brought by Monks to Japan from China during the 12th century Tang Dynasty. Matcha goes through several stages to be made. First green tea leaves are grown completely in the shade for the last two weeks before they're ready to be harvested. Sheltering the tea leaves produces higher amounts of chlorophyll, resulting in darker green leaves. After the leaves are harvested, they are steamed, dried, and stone ground into matcha powder. 

There are two grades of Matcha, the highest grade, known as ceremonial Matcha, and the slightly lower quality, the culinary grade, used in baked goods or beverages such as this Strawberry Match Latte. With both strawberries and Matcha being superfoods, this iced latte is delicious and a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants in one glass. Fresh or frozen strawberries are diced and combined with a touch of sugar substitute, unsweetened almond milk, and whisked Matcha powder to create this beautifully layered drink. It's great for refreshing midday or morning to pick me up, with added essential vitamins to fuel the body simultaneously. 

Does strawberry Matcha Latte have caffeine?

Yes, Matcha does contain caffeine. Matcha contains almost half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee, but it is slowly released into your system so that it won't give you the same jitters as a cup of Joe. Avoid having Matcha at night as it still contains enough caffeine to keep you tossing and turning.  

What does matcha taste like?

Matcha is most commonly a powder made from Jade green tea leaves, giving it a slight grassy or earthy taste. Due to its condensed flavors, it can also be sweet and have a bitter finish or aftertaste. As there are different grades of Matcha powder, the lower rates will be less sweet and more painful, with the highest grade of matcha having little to no bitterness and a clean sweetness to the tea. 

Are matcha lattes better hot or cold?

Matcha lattes can be served both hot or cold. If you're adding fruit such as strawberries or mango to your matcha latte, this will be better enjoyed cold. 

Is a matcha latte sweet?

Most chain coffee or boba shops tend to serve their matcha lattes on the sweeter side. Instead, make your own at home or ask for an unsweetened matcha latte to lower the carbs and calories of this superfood beverage.  
Author: Jennifer Dodd
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Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
0 mins
Total Time
5 mins
1 person



Using a cutting board and pairing knife, dice the strawberries small enough to be able to fit through the straw you'll be using. Add the strawberries to a small bowl, mixing in the sugar substitute with a spoon. Set aside until ready to add to the glass. 
Overview of diced strawberries being mixed in a bowl
Add the matcha powder to another small bowl and slowly whisk together the hot water into the matcha powder until its lump free
Matcha powder being mixed with a fork until smooth
Add the strawberries to the bottom of the glass
Overview of diced strawberries in the bottom of a drinking glass
Fill up the glass halfway with ice cubes. 
Overview of ice cubes being added to a glass
Pour in the almond milk over top of the ice. 
Overview of almond milk being added to a strawberry matcha latte
Drizzle the matcha liquid onto the top of the latte. 
Matcha liquid being poured on top of a strawberry matcha latte
Garnish the side with a fresh strawberry if you want to get fancy. Add a straw and sip away. 
Side View of a Strawberry Matcha Latte with a straw inside, garnished with a strawberry on the rim of the glass

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