Liquid Marijuana Drink (Shot or Cocktail)

Published Date
September 14th 2021
From its inception to publication, this recipe underwent meticulous research, writing, review and testing which was the collective efforts of at least five individuals. This rigorous process spans a minimum of three months. We kindly invite you to share your feedback using the comment form located at the bottom of this page. 😇
Liquid Marijuana Drink in a shot glass
Liquid Marijuana Drink over ice
Liquid Marijuana Drink over ice with straw
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Are you looking for the perfect Marijuana-infused cocktail or shot? We have carefully formulated a mixture of Cannabis-infused spirits, liqueur, and fruit juice to create two paths; the shortest route or the longest journey but the same great trip. The Liquid Marijuana Shot is the fastest way to your destination for intoxication for those who want a direct flight. However, for those who prefer a more scenic route, the Liquid Marijuana Cocktail is a relaxing drink that will let you take your time to unplug and unwind on your way to the inebriation station. We have provided both versions below!

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Author: Rachel Ottier-Hart
Average: 5 (7 votes)
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
1 mins
Total Time
6 mins


Liquid Marijuana Shot (double)
  • 45 ml (1.5 oz) Humboldt's Finest Cannabis Vodka
  • 7.5 ml (.25 oz) Antonio Nadal Cannabis Absinthe
  • 15 ml (.5 oz) Midori Liqueur
  • 15 ml (.5 oz) Pineapple Juice
Liquid Marijuana Cocktail (single)
  • 45 ml (1.5 oz) Humboldt's Finest Cannabis Vodka
  • 7.5 ml (.25 oz) Antonio Nadal Cannabis Absinthe
  • 15 ml (.5 oz) Midori Liqueur
  • 15 ml (.5 oz) Pineapple Juice
  • Sprite & Ice


Liquid Marijuana Shot
Mix the ingredients in a shaker, then pour into two in a shot glass or have like a double shot, knock it back and enjoy the ride.
Liquid Marijuana Cocktail
Mix the spirits, liquor, and juice, add three ice blocks, and top off with sprite. Add a cocktail straw, sip and enjoy.
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