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Matcha has been around for over 900 years. A Buddhist monk in China first discovered it, then brought it to Japan. It was traditionally served hot, but Starbucks has now made it a popular iced drink known as Iced Matcha Latte. To enjoy the taste of Starbucks Iced Matcha Latte, we whipped up this easy recipe for homemade Iced Matcha Latte. To make it healthy, we used soy milk instead of regular milk and maple syrup for natural sweetness. Besides adding sweetness, maple syrup also contains bone-boosting manganese. 

Good quality matcha powder is the key to making the best Iced Matcha Latte. Ceremonial grade matcha is higher quality than culinary matcha and will result in an Iced Matcha Latte that tastes richer and is less bitter.


Is Iced Matcha Latte good for you?

Yes, it is. It contains matcha powder which is rich in antioxidants that may reduce cell damage. Matcha is also good for the brain as it helps improve memory, attention, and reaction time. It also decreases risk factors for heart disease. Furthermore, matcha may help you lose weight due to its fat-burning and metabolism-boosting qualities. Matcha also contains fiber which promotes gut health. In addition, this Iced Matcha Latte is rich in protein, which boosts muscle mass and helps increase metabolism. It also contains minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium, which promote strong bones, boost energy levels and regulate blood pressure.

Is matcha better for anxiety?

Yes, it is better for anxiety. However, even though matcha contains caffeine, it doesn't make you anxious. That's because matcha is rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that decreases the effects of caffeine on your nervous system. L-theanine also may increase the release of dopamine and increase the concentration of serotonin which reduce anxiety. L-theanine also increases alpha wave activity in the brain, which makes you feel relaxed.

Is matcha healthier than coffee?

Yes, matcha is healthier than coffee. That's because it contains much more antioxidants than coffee. And unlike coffee, it doesn't give you the jitters.

When should I drink matcha for weight loss?

You should drink matcha before each meal. That's because matcha is good for suppressing your appetite, which may make you eat less. It's also good to drink matcha about 90 minutes before exercise. Studies show that matcha increases fat burning during exercise when combined with coffee.
Author: Chigoziri Nwachuku
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Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
0 mins
Total Time
5 mins
1 person.



Add soy milk, matcha powder, and maple syrup to a blender. Blend for one minute or until the mixture contains no lumps.
Pour the matcha mixture into a cup of ice. 

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