Fried Plantain and Roti - A Trinidad favourite

Closed up Fried Plantain and Roti on a plate with banana on side
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Have you ever heard of Fried Plantain and Roti? Did you know there are now five different types of Roti found in Trinidad? There is Pepper Roti, Dhal Puri Roti, Paratha Roti, Sada Roti and Dosti Roti. It is safe to say we love Roti and this recipe is going to introduce you to our Dosti Roti. It is one of the easiest roties to make and has the lightest, softest texture-out of the bunch. Dosti Roti is also a perfect flatbread to go with any vegetable, meat or sauce. With such versatility, it is easy to see how the Plantain and Roti combination became a Trinidad favorite. For anyone who has eaten fried plantain, you know the unique, sweet and creamy flavor that this cousin of the banana has. So if you are in the mood for Roti and up for a bit of an adventure into the unconventional, try this Fried Plantain and Roti Recipe. It might just change your perspective on Roti.

Author: Rachel Ottier-Hart
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Prep Time
30 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
60 mins
8 persons



Dough Part One
Prepare a clean counter or table to use as your work surface, place a small bowl of flour for dusting as well as a small bowl of water to rehydrate dry dough.
Using a large bowl, thoroughly mix all the dry ingredients.
Slowly add the water to the dry mix and, using your fingers, squish the ingredients together to combine.
Once the mixture becomes a shaggy crumbly texture, begin to bring the ingredients into a dough ball by kneading it for about 5 minutes. Use the bowls of flour and water as needed if the dough is too wet or too dry.
As soon as you have a ball of dough that holds its shape, stop kneading. The ball should be soft and slightly tacky. Over kneading will result in a more chewy roti.
Coat the dough and bowl with coconut oil, cover, and rest for 20-30 minutes in a cool place where it will not be disturbed.
Dough Part Two
After the dough has had its first rest, please remove it from the bowl and place it onto a dusted work surface.
Divide the dough into eight equal pieces and form them into balls.
Work one ball at a time using your hands or a rolling pin and form each dough ball into flat circles 3-5 inches in diameter.
Brush or rub a teaspoon-sized dollop of ghee on the top surface of 4 dough circles and then sprinkle some flour on top of the ghee.
Take the four plain dough circles and place them on top of the ghee. Flour the sides of the other circles and press them together. Allow these to rest for 15-20 in a cool place where they will not be disturbed.
Dough Part Three
Prepare the cooking surface with either a roti tawa, cast iron skillet, or flat griddle plate on medium to high heat and coat the surface with ghee.
Prepare the warming station with a dish with a cover lined with parchment paper or hand towels. This is where you will place the roti after being cooked to keep warm until ready to eat.
Place one of the dough and ghee sandwich circles onto a dusted work surface. Then, using your hands or a rolling pin, flatten them out to the size of your cooking surface, making sure the edges are not thick.
Remove the flattened dough to the cooking surface and press the top if necessary to stretch the dough to the edges of the cooking surface.
Allow the roti to cook for about 2 minutes on the bottom side while brushing the top side with some ghee. When you start to see the golden brown spots appear on the roti, it is ready to flip.
After 2 minutes, flip the roti overusing roti spatulas or wooden spoons. Cook the other side for another 2 minutes.
Using the roti spatulas, fold the roti into half and then half again. Remove from the cooking surface, placing it into the warming station.
Repeat steps 3-8 until all the Dosti Roties are cooked and resting in the warming station.
Carefully pull apart the layers of roti to have two separate pieces. Take one roti, place some fried plantains onto it, wrap it up as desired, and serve.
Fried Plantain
Pour the frying oil into a deep frying pan or skillet and place on medium to high heat at 375 F/191 C.
Peel and slice the plantains lengthwise and place into the hot oil to fry on both sides for 1-2 minutes or until golden brown.
Prepare a cooling station using a tray or plate with a drip rack or paper towels. This is where you will place the fried plantain after removing it from the hot oil.
Once the Plantain is cool enough to touch, place them onto a Dosti Roti and wrap it up as desired. Serve and enjoy!

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