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Firstly, we would like to thank each one of you who have offered to help, be it financial or otherwise. We would like to be as transparent as possible about where the donations are being spent.

Here is a summarized breakdown of where the money will directly go. Please note that these are cost prices and do not include a profit margin.


Ingredient costs to produce 1 bag of hops bread is approximately TT$6. In addition to the ingredients, there are other costs to run an entire bakery operation namely labour, sanitation, electricity, fuel, packaging, maintenance, transport, etc. Furthermore, the bakery has been closed since March 26th 2020 and for this exercise we are only operating one day per week until further notice. Costs are spread amongst all items produced on a typical day. So that is why 1 bag of bread will cost such a high amount today because all the fixed costs are spread amongst just 1 item. As we produce more, costs are expected to average out and this will give us an opportunity to produce more.

Food Hampers

Food hampers costs significantly more and may include items such as rice, beans, sausage, biscuits, cheese, butter, soaps, detergents, toilet paper, milk, juice, sugar, salt, oil etc. We estimate each hamper to be worth approximately TT$500.

Breakfast Plates

For our country's frontline workers (such as doctors, nurses, medical staff), we would like to contribute simple breakfast plates that they can snack on during their breaks. Each breakfast plate costs around $20 to package and produce.

Example of expenditure

Let us assume that we can raise TT$5000 by April 16th 2020. Therefore, on April 17th 2020, with TT$5000 we can produce:

Bread: 110 bags

Breakfast Plates: 50 plates

Remainder in Hampers

Any additional money raised past TT$5000 will go towards the items we produce for more bread or other frontline workers, etc., in the following week and so on.


These are just our initial estimations and ideas. We expect to add more items as it becomes available. 

These are projected estimates based on a variable situation and for an unprecedented adaption of operations.