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Total cost incurred today: TT$1183

We at Classic Bakes Bakery are very grateful for our sixth successful Friday’s distribution of bread in our ongoing initiative to offer assistance to those among us who are experiencing hardship as a result of the Covid19 outbreak. We were delighted to provide bread to all.

For this distribution, we produced 79 quart of hops.

The total cost incurred on this day was TT$1183. Please note, the costs include ingredients, labour and some other fixed costs such as gas, electricity, packaging and sanitation.

Although we are currently open to the public we are continuing the distribution of bread free of charge to those in need until our commitments are exhausted.

An expanded array of people and organisations helped in the distribution. These include:

  • Mr. Irmin - Soroptimists International, Esperance
  • Mr. Wayne M - Naparima
  • B. Baboolal - Duncan
  • Lisa Seebalack - New Recruits Sports & Cultural Club, Barrackpore

Our gratitude is expressed to all those who assisted us on the sixth day, including our in-house staff Rita, Michelle and Leean, lead by N. Jaikaran.

We look forward to serving you again next week.

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