How to make Green Seasoning

Published Date
June 23rd 2021
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Green Seasoning in a small bowl
Green Seasoning scooped up with a spoon
Overview of Green Seasoning on a spoon

Green seasoning can be found in most Trinidad kitchens as it is the foundational element of our cuisine. It is made by taking a variety of local fresh 'green' herbs and blending it to create an aromatic soupy paste-like mixture. This mixture is then used to 'season' the entire spectrum of Trinidad dishes. Green Seasoning can be used to marinate meat as a base for soups, one-pots, and curries, or you can use it to give depth to a sauce or condiment. There are limitless ways to use this product, and there is no better way to dial up the flavors than by adding some hot peppers! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the variations of this magical green mixture, so be creative in how you make it and how you use it.

How do you make the best green seasoning?

The best green seasoning is made by using the freshest ingredients listed in this recipe. If one of the herbs or seasonings are adjusted to the dried versions it will change the flavor drastically. 

Can you put vinegar in green seasoning?

Yes, vinegar can be used in green seasoning, in fact if using this seasoning as a marinade it will help to tenderize your meats. You can also use lemon or lime juice if you don't have any vinegar. Just be sure not to marinade the meat for too long as this will start the cooking process, and you will end up with tough meat. 

Is green seasoning the same as sofrito?

They are very different from each other, for green seasoning all the ingredients are in their fresh, raw form & blended. Whereas Sofrito consists of aromatic vegetables that are sautéed together to create a base for sauces, soups or added to rice dishes. 

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Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
1 mins
Total Time
16 mins


Green Seasoning


Thoroughly wash and remove all dirt and dust particles from all your ingredients.

Overview of green onions being washed in a kitchen sink

Peel and remove shells from garlic and onion.

Arial view of a cutting board with a knife tomatoes chopped onions and garlic

Optional: Remove seeds from peppers and be careful with your hands and eyes when touching HOT peppers

Optional: Using the back of a knife, rub away outer skin of ginger.

Ginger root being cut on a cutting board

Roughly chop all ingredients.

Chopped vegetables on a cutting board
Food processor filled with chopped vegetables

Optional: Mortar and pestle is also an option.

Choose your liquid: Water is great for immediate use but lemon/lime juice, apple cider/ white vinegars and oil will add flavor and increase shelf life.

Oil being added to a food processor filled with chopped vegetables

Begin by pulsing the ingredients in the blender adding liquid slowly and increasing the speed to full blend until fully incorporated.

Green seasoning being blended in a food processor

The texture of the final product is up to you to choose from a thick paste, a purée or liquefied.

Arial view of a food processor with blended green seasoning

Pour into clean jars and refrigerate for up to 4 weeks.

Green seasoning being added to a jar

Use a spoon full or more with all your marinating, cooking and saucing.

Jar with green seasoning being scooped out with a spoon
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Jennifer Dodd

It's the perfect seasoning for meat, vegetables and is amazing added to soups and stews as well. You'll be adding it to everything in no time.

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